punk2 [brakence]


Zach Noll // 8-1-2020

Punk2 is the debut album of rising star Brakence. Hailing from Columbus, Ohio he works his craft belting slightly, perfectly, distorted emotion into electronic-pop productions (keeping in mind that it’s 2020 and genre is dead. As Brakence seems to.)

The album opens easy, with a collage of sampled vocals tuned up super bright and juggled back and forth for 56 seconds of confused guitar. It’s strange and calm, with rhythmic distortions that disguise the beginning of the second track, dropout. It goes back and forth between a declaration and sounding a bit like an attempted rationalization, either way though, it’s an anthem. The song keeps the bright register but with a new purpose. Brakence’s vocals are clear, pushing through distortions with a power.

Another sample walks the bridge into the next song, fwb, and the rest of an album dealing with everything from admissions of love to fiery young cynicism and nihilism, echoed in the consistently brilliant vocals always surrounded by roiling distorted music. This pattern is broken in the end of prozac, which you should just listen to. And then calm down with ginger tea for like a minute and a half.

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