All Good [Boy Maj]

ZACH NOLL // 8-14-2020

All Good is the newest track from Chicago based artist Boy Maj, produced by Good Harbor. They work in a bundle of influences, Boy Maj cites everything from post trap to pop punk as inspiration and said the eclectic influences are his favorite part of the track. The end result is a beautiful package for Maj’s thoughtful lyrics.

The song has two sides from the very beginning. The very first lyrics are blasé and confident, fondly daring his partner to come alive and take their relationship into the daylight. There are wavy synths and high, glassy vocals. It’s slow, adorable and sweet, but it only takes 18 seconds before we see what Boy Maj is really writing about. The chemistry between these two is just a set piece, the track is about uncertainty, communication, and how the prior can be solved by the latter.

The chorus is the solution to the song, and the uncertainty. Boy Maj’s backing vocals bring on a more concussive sound that’s still sweet but full of energy. This is echoed in the lyrics again, Boy Maj goes from a few desperate questions quickly back to the confidence from before, but now this confidence can go even deeper because the right questions have been asked.

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