Hero [Tom The Mail Man]


BRENDAN WELLS // 8-8-2020

Atlanta newcomer Tom The Mail Man has paved the way for himself, beginning his music career as a junior in high school where he began recording at a friend’s house every other day, mixing fellow artists tracks in exchange for free studio time. This continued until senior year, all the while saving up money to purchase his own equipment. It was then that Tom’s music began to pick up during his summer going into college. Gaining confidence in his craft after performing his first hometown show following the release of his first recognized song ‘curse3dgirls,’ the young artist made the executive decision to drop out of school and pursue music full time. This decision has proven to pay off, having released three EP’s, all of which have received recognition from Chicago based multimedia company Lyrical Lemonade. This come up brings us to Tom’s 2020 release ‘Hero’, a confident nod to those who doubted him on his path to success.

Beginning with a clicking kalimba melody that resembles a ticking clock, perhaps hinting at Tom’s awareness of the fact that it was only a matter of time before he found success, ‘Hero’ starts strong, drawing the listener in with an infectious beat. Throughout the short intro, Tom is heard musing “I told them one day that I’d be a hero, bitch you’re zero,” proclaiming to the world that he always knew he’d find himself in this position as an artist.

By the time the booming 808’s cut through the mix amidst zipping trap hats, Tom spares not a moment before taking aim at his haters, kicking the chorus off stating “now you know I don’t want nothin' but payback now,” before rapping “I just wanna take it to the top so I can take them down.” From the jump, Tom makes it apparent that he’s not playing around anymore, that you are either rolling with him or you’re not, making clear that if you are the latter, he doesn’t plan on slowing down for you.

In the verse, Tom further asserts his confidence, declaring “I know my worth I'm way too worthy (Yeah). Turn me down, I turn myself back up, ayy.” This level of self-assurance is a necessity in the cut throat music industry, and it’s impressive, almost refreshing, to see that such a young artist is already so comfortable in his own skin.

Drawing the track to a close, Tom utters to himself amid the fading beat “I’m so tired of the fake shit,” sending one last blow to those who haven’t believed in him from the start that he won’t allow them to change their tune now that he’s proved them wrong. This sentiment is all too common when it comes to an artist finally achieving fame as it is around this time that the doubters come out of the woodwork to suddenly pledge their support. Tom knows these are “fake fans,” only willing to ride his wave when it’s convenient for them, therefore he has no time for them.

In conclusion, ‘Hero’ is Tom’s way of patting himself on the back for his achievements, and rightfully so. We look forward to hearing more from this determined artist in the future as, if this track hasn’t proven it enough, Tom The Mail Man won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

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