Let That Go [Alli]


JAELIN PHILIPS // 9-16-2020

Let That Go is a somber yet soulful track. The song feels like a coming of age story- about realizing who you are, what you’re becoming, & realizing that you must let some things go in order to grow.

Fueled by crisp production, catchy cadences* & layered vocals, this song has the same energy as those late-night drives to nowhere- leave all your problems at home - cruise along with the beat & trance inducing vocals for a taste of youthful freedom. The drawn-out vocals on the verses mixed with the quicker paced delivery of the chorus was a great switch up, & kept the track feeling fresh and energized. 

Something that stood out to me was the content of the song. Not only was the track composed with a sense of professionalism & quality of a radio banger- but Alli was able to tell a story throughout the runtime. That's something I feel doesn't happen often (or well) in mainstream pop- & it was awesome to be a part of the journey that she is conveying through Let That Go.

Overall, this track took me by surprise with the combination of quality & substance- it will definitely be a late-night drive playlist addition personally- & I wouldn't be surprised if it made rounds on the airwaves soon. Even hours after the initial listen, the song has been stuck on replay in my head- listeners beware this song is catchy.

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