Run for Your Life [Chase Chaplin]

BRENDAN WELLS // 8-13-2020

Chase Chaplin, formerly known as Paper Chase, is an up and coming musician hailing from Denver, Colorado. Having already found a passion for poetry by the young age of 11, Chase realized during his senior year of high school that hip-hop could be a powerful platform for his writing, as well as a potential career path. This hunch proved to pay off as, at the age of 23, Chase has already released three albums, has toured the country, and has even been credited in films. With help from longtime collaborator Andrew Jensen, Chase gained further popularity from his affiliation with the popular “NO NUT NOVEMBER” movement, also spearheaded by Jensen. On his latest release ‘Run for Your Life,’ Chase teams up with Los Angeles newcomer Giadora to deliver a stunning hip-hop track with a sound that is as unique as it is easy on the ears.

With her soulfully rich vocal style that is reminiscent of artists of the likes of Amy Winehouse and Ella Fitzgerald, Giadora kicks off ‘Run for Your Life’ surrounded by a swelling guitar as the beat slowly fades in. The beat itself is a mix of hip-hop and lofi that gives a sense of bittersweet nostalgia, further granting the listener a peek into the state of mind in which the artists currently reside. During this opening chorus, Gia can be heard musing “when the daybreaks, and your bones broke, but you know there’s more to the show,” questioning “will you hold him tight? Will you run for your life?” This moment of reflection sets the tone for the rest of the song, giving off the impression of a relationship that’s on the verge of collapse.

In the verse, Chase does some introspection, rapping from within the prison that his mind has become. He states, “I’m trapped inside a dungeon, in my head there’s such abundance, start to focus on the one too much, you’ll end up with a dozen.” Chase seemingly is referring to the trap we all too often fall into--reminiscing upon one main problem only for it to multiply into dozens more as our minds wander. This could be attributed to a relationship, or simply the trials and tribulations of life, either way Chase leaves this bar open to interpretation.

Again in the second chorus, we hear the encapsulating vocals of the talented Giadora as she chimes “all we got is now, and I’m tryna prove em how,” perhaps extending a hand to an unknown lover, convincing them that there is no time like the present, that things can work out if they just stay together and try. This emerging theme of a love story turned tragic is further solidified later down the line of the second verse as Chase confesses “I gotta win it though without you it don’t feel like winnin’, I always kept it solid but it feel liquid,” the beat dropping out for a moment to let the lyric breath. At this point in the song it sounds like Chase’s once solid relationship has turned to water, slowly slipping through his fingers as he struggles to keep the last droplets of love intact.

Finally, in the outro, Chase is heard one last time, a muffled statement in the fading soundscape that “you’ll be okay…” before Gia continues the emotional chorus for the final time. It is not clear whether the relationship stands to live another day, but either way he tells himself that it will be okay despite the fact that it unfortunately sounds more like a wish than it does the truth. In the end, this beautiful song of self-reflection touches on both love, and the adversity of everyday life. It is undoubtedly a hit and embodies the raw talent of these two blossoming artists. I implore you to give ‘Run for Your Life’ a listen as this will inevitably become a song you come back to on your best, or even your worst days.

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