Yellow Taxi [JP Thornewell]


JAELIN PHILIPS // 8-5-2020

Opening with a beat that would have even the most uptight listener bobbing their heads all the way to the end. “Yellow Taxi” is the relatable tale of young love, from the perspective of a lover who isn’t sure they are loving their significant other the way they should be. 

“Maybe I fucked it up, staring out the window” A flood of memories (mostly sad) came to surface with this line. Music is supposed to evoke emotion, so while I may or may not have shed a tear - the artist soul inside me smiled at the ability to convey his message exactly as it was intended.

Sonically, JPs vocals are coated with just enough autotune, that’s tuned in perfectly to his natural vocals (+10 points). Sprinkle in a stretch of raw hip hop derived vocals from featured artist Kovu, & a symphony of harmonization between the two - & you have a recipe for a dynamic duo reminiscent of Post Malone & 21 savage, & we all know how that turned out.

Ending the song with a musical cherry on top- the slight switch up on the beat was a good way to make sure he has the listeners attention to the very end.

Overall, JP does a good job telling the story of a young lover coming to terms with his inability to show his love. The song is catchy and makes you want to dance, listening deeper the lyrics are well thought out & it's easy to relate to the story being told. The attention to detail caught my attention with the song stopping to the sound of traffic (because well we are in a taxi in the city).

Contrary to the story of the track JP does a good job of conveying his emotions in the song- as well as extracting emotions from the listener. The vocals come through nicely, with good production, awesome back and forth between the two artists, & a stretch of glorious harmonization. Definitely two artists that should be on your radar & in your playlists. 

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